Ceiling Fan Company Logistics

People all over the world are facing the curse unleashed by the Coronavirus. Many of them have their salaries cut by 50% or more. Many companies have sacked the unluckier ones from their place of work. In such a scenario, these poor souls have no other alternative left apart from finding work that they can do from home to earn a steady income to meet the expenses of essential goods as well as to pay their utility bills. Bespoke fans are in great demand in the United Kingdom and other parts of the world. In case you are one of the unlucky persons who have lost their job, you can easily earn a tidy income by manufacturing ceiling fans. Those who have had their salaries slashed can augment their monthly income by manufacturing fans in their garage or basement and sell them to potential clients. Remember, clients are more likely to purchase a one-of-a-kind fan, tailor-made according to their specifications rather than buy branded fans, found nearly in every home. However, you need to buy specific tools for the manufacturing process as well as find places from where you can purchase bulk materials required for constructing a ceiling fan. Purchasing materials in bulk means that you source them at down to earth prices, which brings down the overall cost of the fan.

Raw bulk materials

The materials required for manufacturing fans include PVC, winding wire, blades, steel rods, ball bearings, enamelled copper wire, aluminium sheets, testing equipment, condensers, packaging materials, paints, and steel sheets. You can source these materials in bulk at low prices from third world countries located in Asia, China being a prime example. The quality of the materials imported from third world countries might not be as good or as long-lasting as those manufactured by local dealers. Still, it makes business sense importing raw materials. Make sure that you compare the prices offered by different dealers and purchase your requirements from a company that provides quality goods at reasonable prices.

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The assembly process

The assembly process of a fan consists of drilling the body, tuning the body, fitter, axel turner and winding, painting, as well as packaging. Do not forget to include energy costs, as you will be using a lot of electricity during the manufacturing and testing process. You can search online for tutorial videos on how to manufacture a ceiling fan. Once you have viewed a few of these videos, you will understand the whole process and start manufacturing fans in your home. If necessary, purchase a defective fan and open it to see how to assemble the different parts. Mechanization of bulk materials is no big deal if you have followed the instructional videos properly. Do not expect the first fan you make to work correctly. You will be able to diagnose the problems you made initially through trial and error to ensure that you do not repeat them. Enhance your dwindling pay scale or start a new ceiling manufacturing business today and earn hefty profits by purchasing bulk materials.